Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning

Oxaliss education believes that every student is unique and looks at learning from all angle to help each student realize his or her true potential. The Oxaliss approach to teaching is one that not focuses on academic achievement but also on the development of character, capability and creativity. All the programmes at Oxaliss facilitate comprehensive and continuous learning for its students. A child's collective needs are fulfilled at school. Each day’s lesson-set at Oxaliss comprises healthy mix between academicand co-curricular modules. Celebration, competitions,excursions, field trips and events from an important part of the school calendar

Every activity, both inside and outside the classroom at oxaliss contributes towards the learning process in different, but equally meaningful ways. Children are strongly encouraged to participate in every aspect of school-life and receive support and guidance from faculty members at all time

Inside the classroom

  • With a maximum of 20 students in a class, every child receives the personal attention that he/she deserves and need
  • special emphasis is placed on learning of Indian and Foreign languages
  • Exposures to national and international issues to increase student’s awareness
  • Questioning and active participation in discussion are strong encouraged to build curiosity and confidence
  • A practical or project-based approach to learning complements traditional and theoretical form of knowledge building

Outside the classroom

  • Yoga, Meditation and Prayer from an integral part of the school curriculum so that student have a calm and unburdened mind
  • A mandatory co-curricular programme ensures that children step out of their comfort zones and endeavor to learn new skills
  • Celebrations of cultural festivals and historic occasions, foster a spirit of togetherness amongst children
  • Inter house and school wide events are organized to inculcated a spirit of loyalty and healthy competition in the children and to showcase their talents
  • Excursion, fields trips and off-campus activities are organized frequently to explore varied area of interest.

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