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Bharathi Oxaliss School is promoted and run by a group of professionals with a passion for education. The vision of the school is to provide all round education and nurture a child’s innate curiosity.

Oxaliss International School is run by the reputable management of "BHARATHI" rendering the service for nearly 20 years. It is a co-educational school,offering a choice between Residential and Day scholastic programmes. Oxaliss Education strives towards holistic programme that help maximize the both individual and social welfare. The School aims to provide a broader and bolder education of body, mind, spirit. Such an eaducation produces: Self-Directed Learner,Quality Producers,Effective Communicators,Collaborative Workers,Good Thinker and Community Contributor. Such an integrated approach ensures every Child's development with confidence.

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Making your kid lead a healthy and active style of
life is probably the main task any parent has.

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